The Goodenough Company has been providing thoughtful, personalized coaching services to individuals and organizations since 1983. David is committed to the consistent provision of services without regard to race, creed, color, disability, sexual orientation, nationality and/or philosophical beliefs.


Tailored services

Every career represents a totally unique developmental process, and each individual comes to us at a unique stage of self-awareness, life experience, and readiness to make changes. As a result, we deliberately tailor our services to the special combination of skills, interests, values, wants, needs, and overall personal gifts of each individual and organization in order to make the most significant, and most personal, impact.

Mindful Approach

The Goodenough Company, Inc.’s integrated, mindful approach blends decades of career and leadership coaching with licensed family and mental health counseling, as well as in-depth, personal assessments, a diverse array of screening techniques, and strategic and tactical goal setting. We recognize the inextricable link between emotional health and career development, and we offer practical ways to help our clients work through issues and experiences from the past that might be preventing them from seeing their potential or achieving their ultimate goals.



David Goodenough


David Goodenough, MS, LMHC, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Washington and an American Psychotherapy Association Board-Certified Counselor. He holds more than 40 years of experience in career counseling, management consulting, leadership coaching, family counseling, and candidate assessment spanning diverse sectors and fields. David holds a Master’s degree in interdisciplinary studies and counseling from the University of Oregon and Bachelor’s degrees in both sociology and education from the College of Idaho.

He is a trusted coach and counselor, frequently called upon by leading public offices, Fortune 500 companies, and major government agencies and non-profits across a range of industries to help organizations hire quality employees, oversee management changes, build effective leadership teams, and facilitate reorganizations.

Previously, David served as Clinical Director and Outplacement Counselor for Right Associates (formerly Executive Services Associates) in Bellevue, WA; Executive Director of Psychological Services in Idaho, Boise, ID; Assistant Director of the University of Oregon’s Master’s Program in Interdisciplinary Studies; Program Coordinator for the Boise Youth Service Bureau; and Personnel Assistant for Employee Relations at Stanford University Hospital in Palo Alto, CA.

Carolyn Goodenough


Carolyn Goodenough is a partner in the firm and for years she oversaw client relations and services. Carolyn is currently retired and is a practicing folk artist  and grandmother.



Profiducia provides the office administration and coordination services for David and the Goodenough team.