“We have worked with David Goodenough from the earliest days of starting our company. Over the years his expertise and applied knowledge have been essential in allowing our company to thrive. From assessing individual staff personality types and communication preferences, to identifying company staffing strengths and weaknesses, to employee transitions and career coaching, David has provided insight, guidance, and strategic advice. We recently asked our employees to reflect on their experiences here at Confluence, over 90% commented on enjoying their work and loving the company culture. David has been part and parcel to creating such a positive result!”
Chris Cziesla, CEO Confluence Environmental Company
“David Goodenough is an insightful, articulate, and supportive expert in both systemic management and human behavior issues. He reveals unseen dynamics to help you generate ideas to improve team functioning, personal health, and attain results in complex circumstances.”
Pete Holmes, Seattle City Attorney & Darby DuComb
“The great thing about working with David Goodenough is the speed and insight with which he grasps the problem that you are working on. He sees it, he listens, and very soon he is proposing alternatives for your consideration that you might not have come across on your own. David helps us get past the tangled issues so that we can get things done.”
John Platt, Founder, Profiducia Services, Inc.


“David coached me and my team of 6 over the course of 2.5 years. We were in the delightful situation of functioning well, but we were all pretty young and knew we could communicate and divide up tasks more effectively. David was instrumental in helping each of us grow personally and professionally – to become our best, most confident, and high-performing selves. He helped us understand how to divide the responsibilities so that everyone was motivated and invigorated. Importantly, he helped me transform from a nothing-special manager into a team leader, giving me the tools I needed to understand and leverage each of my staff members’ unique strengths and flush out their potential. David also provided valuable insight into our hiring processes for new staff. Today, all of us from that team remain close and look back on the time that we worked together as a highlight of our careers to date.”
Claire Topal, Red Tomato Consulting
“David possesses the rare blend of skills—a keen listener, powerful intellect and diplomatic guide. I’ve sent members of my team and they’ve raved about his ability to sort out complex situations. Even better, I’ve been the personal beneficiary of David’s enormous experience and expertise. I can’t say enough about David, both as a person and consummate professional.”
Michael Birt, Arizona State University Biodesign Institute


“I first met David when I was facing downsizing. From my first meeting with him, his intuition, psychotherapy background, and love of people provides a level of skill in career counseling that is unique and without equal in the industry. He creates a space where I can think big. Every session is rich with valuable insights about myself, career options and directions, and how to best navigate the working world. He has also provide valuable counsel for those times when things weren’t going as expected. His holistic approach to looking at my whole life has provided additional benefits resulting in enriched personal relationships and work/life balance. I recommend David to anyone looking for help in their careers and life.”
Tina Myren